Flowers A – Z by Christine Stackhouse

The A-Z of Flowers came about because of a photo of a sunflower which inspired me. Once I started painting it I thought it would be a fun project to do a flower for each letter of the alphabet. I have to admit that I am not so organized as to have produced them in alphabetical order!
For each letter, the immediate flower to come to mind was generally one of my favorites, although, of course, some letters were more difficult to accommodate – thus, some are illustrated by their common name and others by their botanical name.
At the letter ‘R’ it had to be a rose, but so many to choose from! Since my mother’s name was Betty I googled roses with Betty in them – “Betty’s Smile” was the find!
I believe there are a few flowers which some people may be unfamiliar with – yes, there really is a “Wallflower”, it flowers prolifically in Britain in early Spring and has a heady perfume. “Love in a mist” (Nigella) is very pretty annual which seeds readily, and produces the little black seeds which some of you cooks may use!
I enjoyed my A-Z project, and hope you also enjoy the results!