Basket Making by Bonnie Roberson

My first basket class was back in the mid 80’s.  We had moved to Wilmington, NC, and not too long after moving into our new house, a very nice neighbor came by to see if I might be interested in taking a basket class. The class was being held in my neighborhood and not too far from our house.

Taking this basket class was the best move I ever made.  It was a small beginner level basket and I fell in love with the process of putting this cute little container together.   Little did I know that the instructor was a nationally known basket maker and I was learning the craft from a “master”.

I asked a million questions, wanted to take more classes and before I knew it, I had joined the Port City Basket Makers guild and then our North Carolina Basket Makers organization.  I became a basket addict – couldn’t take enough classes and learn all about who influenced all the different types and styles of baskets.

Everyone asks me is basket making hard on my hands.    The answer is no.  I used to teach classes very often, but now I have cut back on classes and concentrate on making baskets and selling them.   Basket making is a messy process and your hands are always in water.

There are so many different styles, and the rules for making one basket might never apply to the next basket.   Every basket made is unique, and every basket has a name, and they have evolved from having a purpose to an art form.

There are so many baskets and so little time.    This is one addicted basket maker.