VOTE for Best of the Pines

Each year, The Pilot sponsors a competition for “the best of …” with many businesses, services, stores, etc. competing for the best in their prospective category.   We would be grateful if you would vote for One of a Kind Gallery as the “Best Art Gallery” and “Best Gift Shop.”   There is an initial nomination process which takes place from May 11th to June 9th, followed by the final voting for one of the top eight nominees in each category, which takes place from June 23rd to July 12th.

Here is the LINK you will need to nominate the Gallery.   We are listed in two divisions.  The first is under “Shopping” and then scroll down to “Gift Shop.”  You will see our name listed and all you need to do is click the “NOMINATE” button and then you will be asked for your email.   The second division is under “Arts and Community” and then scroll down to “Art Gallery,”    Click the “NOMINATE” button.