New Tools, Fresh Ideas by Kenneth Forte

In the past few months, I’ve lamented at having to invest in some new tools as those that had served me for well over 30 years merely stopped working.  But the latest equipment comes with wonderful upgrades; safety features, better lighting, the ease with height adjustments, and digital measurements for spot-on accuracy.

As I’ve mastered this machinery, I’ve been inspired to create new pieces of art in the form of hinged & turned boxes.  They are designed in a variety of sizes and combinations of domestic, rare and imported hardwoods.  Some of the woods may sound familiar, like North Carolina wormy holly or curly cherry and others are made of rare world hardwoods, thuya burl and black and white ebony.

As with all my work, the pieces are original, one of a kind, and therefore no duplicates.  One of my goals is to show the magnificence, natural colors and distinctiveness of the woods through my artistic eyes.  There are no artificial finishes and the sheen on the woods is due to hand polishing to enhance the natural beauty.