Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas in the Gallery! Stop in to see the works of our 34 talented artists – we have something for everyone on your list!
Pottery: Melanie Hutchins, Anne Crabbe Photograph: Brady Beck Paintings: Jane Casnellie, Rose Kennedy, Terri Birkhauser, Joanne Gill Worth, Merry Scotland Cards: Brenda Becker, Jane Casnellie, Jean Smyth, Christine Stackhouse, Tommy McDonell, Iconic Quilling Basket: Bonnie Roberson Ornaments: Tommy McDonell, Maggie Maier, Sarah Cawn, Melanie Hutchins, Kathy Leuck. Candles: D’Shawn Russell Jewelry: Marilyn Vendemia, Crystal Hyatt, Sara Peters, Jennifer McRae. Glass box and dishes: Diane Flanegan Metal sculpture: Randy Chapman Tote bag: Tommy McDonell Bookmark: Kathy Leuck