One of a Kind Gallery, LLC, is the result of a discussion between two good friends. Bonnie Johnson revealed that she would really like to manage a small card shop/gift shop type of store, and Anne Crabbe confessed that she had been trying to set up a co-operative of artists – with absolutely no success. Many artists, it seems, are more prone to imagination and creation (thank goodness) than to the logical thinking and mundane tasks involved in setting up a business.

After more discussion, the two began looking for a possible site for their idea. In the Belvedere Plaza in downtown Southern Pines, they found a space that clicked with their image of an art gallery: intimate spaces that enhanced displays of gorgeous art.

The next task was that of persuading talented artists to take a risk and join this new adventure. Amazingly, almost all who were invited, agreed to participate. The result is a wonderful mix of artists, who represent a wide range of the arts: photographers, painters, potters, jewelers, card-makers, basket maker, metal sculptor, silk-scarf painter, glass artists, and a wood artist. Besides being incredibly talented, the artists are genuinely nice people. Short biographies and pictures of the artists appear next to their work, so the customer can gain some insights about the person producing each piece.

In March of 2020, the gallery moved to a larger space in the historic theatre building in downtown Pinehurst. Lovely windows on the second level and walls that aren’t quite straight add to the charm of the setting. Customers can meander throughout the Gallery and inspect the art “up close and personal.”

Reading about the store is never the same as experiencing it “in person,” so we hope to see you soon in One of a Kind Gallery!