Anne Crabbe – Potter

Pinehurst, North Carolina

Anne hails from Wisconsin, where she went to high school and college, earning her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison with a major in history and minors in Art and English.  She went on earn graduate degrees from the University of Iowa and the University of Nebraska, as she followed her husband around the world.  Nineteen moves!  And each time she had to convince someone that she could do whatever job was being advertised.  She discovered the magic of admitting, “I don’t know” and asking for help.  Fortunately, several very capable individuals were willing to guide and mentor her, as she continued to learn and grow.

After 42 years as an educator (teaching at middle school, high school and college levels, and being an administrator for a state education agency, a non-profit organization, and two public school districts), she retired in 2008.  Shortly thereafter, she decided to try her hand at pottery, something she had always wanted to do.  So, in 2010, she enrolled in an Introduction to Pottery class at Montgomery Community College to learn (1) if she liked it, and (2) if she could do it.  She discovered that (1) she did, and (2) she could.  Thus began a new focus, or, as her husband says, obsession in her life.

Anne’s pottery is often augmented by the use of texture, carving, painting, or other embellishments.  The result is an elegant playfulness that she hopes make people smile. Check out her website