Artists @ work June 2022



Artists @ Work!  

Saturday, June 25 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.  

Theatre Building Atrium and Gallery

90 Cherokee Rd. Pinehurst, NC  

Six talented artists will chat with you while they work on their art!    



Anne Crabbe    



Paula Montgomery


Christine Stackhouse  


Kathy Leuck


Betty Hendrix


Sandy Stratil

The artists are looking forward to seeing you!   

Happy June! Something for Everyone!

For those who appreciate fine art
Bonnie Roberson, basket maker
Paula Montgomery, artist
Brady Beck, photographer
    Stop by the Gallery and spend some time with us.   We can’t wait to see you! 
Spend $150.00 or more and receive a free pine-cone bowl created by potter Anne Crabbe.

May Spotlight

For those who appreciate fine art

Color and Light! Three Amazing Artists!

Sarah Cawn, glass artist

Tommy McDonall, mixed media

Crystal Hyatt, jewelry designer

The Gallery offers a unique and varied shopping experience, a beautiful retreat into the world of art. We hope to see you soon!

April Artists

For those who appreciate fine art
~Amazing April Artists~
Hannah Cole Buie, painter
D’Shawn Russell, candle maker
Nancy Maness, painter
      The Gallery is now home to 35 talented artists!   See you soon!