Brenda Becker – Card Maker

Edina, Minnesota

Brenda has been making cards all her life.  The oldest one she can remember was a card to stand on her parents’ piano to keep people from putting drinks there.  It was childlike and cartoony, but it did the job.  According to Brenda, she hasn’t progressed very far from that.  The idea behind all her cards is to provoke a smile, a bit of nostalgia (maybe) and to allow the sender to communicate important feelings.  A pretty simple business plan.

After starting college at the University of Wisconsin, Brenda took time off to get married before she finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Kent State University.  She later created and ran an advertising agency in St. Paul, Minnesota, and, in her spare time, she worked as a syndicated editorial cartoonist.  She raised two children and is enormously proud that they are both happy and have never been in jail.

Her companion for the past twelve years has been a beautiful black standard poodle named Prince Charlie.  He reads.  Yep, from large yellow and black flash cards made by Brenda.  They get along and seldom disagree.  What a team.  Brenda hopes you enjoy her cards as much as she enjoys making them.  By the way, there is absolutely no money to be made from this hobby, so don’t complain too much about the cost.