Christine Stackhouse – Card Maker

Pinehurst, North Carolina

Christine Stackhouse was born and raised in Worcester, England (the home of the original sauce).  She trained as a Special Education teacher in Manchester, England, and began her teaching career in the West Midlands, where she met her husband at a badminton club.

It was almost by chance that they moved to Pinehurst in 1999.  Her husband, David, continued his saddlemaking business, and Christine continued as a Special Education teacher, working mainly in Montgomery County.  Her retirement in June 2015 gave her more time to concentrate on painting, another love of her life.  She joined painting classes offered by the Pinehurst Parks and Recreation Services and continued to refine her skills.

Christine especially enjoys painting flowers, birds, and other wildlife, as well as landscapes from the Malvern Hills in England.  She also likes to cook, so expect to see some kitchen inspired paintings and notecards.