Frederick Coxen – Artist

Pinehurst,  North Carolina

Though Rick has always had artistic talent, it really only surfaced when he was forced into retirement by his Parkinson’s Disease, which was diagnosed in 2004.  Thus, began his artistic journey. 

While strolling through Southern Pines in 2008, he passed the Eye Candy gallery and saw some paintings in the window – paintings that mirrored the style he sought.  He stopped in, and, after discussions with the owner, soon began oil painting classes.  The training resulted in more consistency in his work.  And more confidence in his ability.

After painting on a daily bases for five years, Rick felt confident enough to share his work publicly.  He entered art shows, received several accolades, and sold several paintings.  Unfortunately, the physical limitations of Parkinson’s made it difficult for him to attend shows, so he began looking for a gallery.

Rick feels he has been blessed with a talent, and will use that talent to help find a cure for Parkinson’s.  He will contribute a portion of each of his sales to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.  Please help him in this undertaking.