Jeff Albert – Wood Sculptor

Jeff Albert
High Point, NC

Since very early childhood, the idea of creating shapes out of wood was magical to Jeff.  He carved throughout most of his life, but didn’t consider himself a sculptor until one day, while sketching, he began to flow parts of the sketch together, and his unique style emerged.  It was then that he began to surrender to the idea that he, too, could be an artist.

Jeff recently retired from a career in social work to devote himself full-time to sculpture.  He lives in High Point, NC with his wife, Debbie, and their rescue dog, Denver.  He works out of a small workshop, the creation of which was a family event.  Jeff and his son built it, he and his daughter stained it, and his wife generously helped fund it.

Jeff’s art is primarily an expression of spiritual themes, human emotions, and the drama of the natural world.  He uses curves and flowing lines and tends to blend seemingly separate parts together.  It is, in his words, “a reflection of how I view the world. Curves and flowing lines create a sense of peace and calm and oneness, and whether or not the world is like that, it is how I know it should be.”  His sculptures definitely reflect his philosophy: they are so peaceful and beg to be touched and caressed.