Kathleen Leuck – Artist

Pinehurst, North Carolina

Kathy’s penchant for art began as a young child, when she spent hours copying pictures from magazines.  When one of her grade school teachers required her to have a set of oil pastels, she used the colors to enhance her pictures.  What a gift those eight colors were in her life!  Once on her own, with no academia to consume her mind and time, her creativity flourished.  Even while working and raising children, creativity was a major factor in her life.

Anything is fair subject matter for Kathy, although she is most attracted to florals, still life, and abstract work.  Her work is done in oil, acrylic, watercolor, or pastel, and she often mixes media as she experiments on her collection of hand-dyed papers.  Painting on silk has become a new and exciting venture for her as well.  She loves the feel and look of this luxurious fiber and has taught groups how to use silk in their art.  Her inspiration comes from the beauty of nature and the way lights and shadows fall on subjects.

Kathy believes her creativity is a gift and a blessing from God.  Her goal as an artist is to fill the viewer’s mind with peace and joy to combat the psychic trauma of the events that are reported in the daily news.   She wishes peace to all.