Kenneth Forte – Hardwood Artist

Ellerbe, North Carolina

Kenneth T. Forte, a designer and artist with exceptional skills, knowledge, and appreciation of hardwoods, resides in Ellerbe, North Carolina.  His love and appreciation of hardwoods was cultivated during his youth while visiting tree-farms, sawmills, and furniture plants with his father, a Vocational Agriculture teacher.

While studying abroad, Kenn’s interests in hardwoods united with his original concept of using 100% hardwoods without plywood or stains.  He observed local craft artists’ rituals and techniques and envisioned designing fine hardwood art pieces that were functional and/or just plain beautiful to look at and appreciate.

Since 1983, Kenn has received awards for craftsmanship and design and has exhibited regionally, nationally, and internationally in galleries, museums, and juried exhibitions.  He believes that crafting rough-sawn lumber into furniture and other objects (turned vessels, writing instruments, bowls, and ornaments) is an art form worth preserving.  One of a Kind Gallery agrees and is very pleased he has chosen to show his work with us.