Marilyn Vendemia – Artist & Jewelry Designer

Pinehurst, North Carolina

My art is all about bringing serenity into our individual space.  My hope is that my seascapes will bring you back to that balancing walk along the shore – and that my abstracts will help you recall the beauty and order of our mother nature, our strength in who we are.

My intuitive painting style fits well with what has been labeled “tonalism.”  I am more concerned about capturing the feeling, the mood, the energy behind the form and the color that form produces, than trying to recreate the actual forms themselves.  I try to learn how to paint by falling in love with the beauty and order of nature over and over again, asking her to share her secrets with me.

My subject matter is admittedly varied.  I try not to limit myself as to direction of style.  I paint what my heart calls me to paint.  I truly hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoyed painting them.