Marshall Davis – Artist

Ellerbe, NC

Marshall Davis makes his home with his wife Tery in Ellerbe N.C. They have raised two daughters, Kayla and Maegan Davis. Marshall is a retired elementary school teacher and now works as a waterfowl and gamebird taxidermist. He is also a hunting guide at the Webb Quail Farm in Ellerbe.

Marshall’s love of wildlife and the outdoors developed in early childhood and led to a fascination with birds. He began sketching and painting in his teens and became a licensed falconer later as an adult. Working as a teacher, part-time taxidermist and raising two daughters left little time for other artistic pursuits. Painting was set aside for thirty years.

Two years ago, he rediscovered his love of painting. His love of birds, falconry, and the outdoors are the subjects of his current paintings. Many of his paintings are inspired by the relationships he has observed between animals.  Those could include a mother hen protecting her chicks to a hawk being harassed by blue jays.

Marshall looks forward to spending more time outdoors to find inspiration for the future paintings.