Nanette Zeller – Textile Artist

Nanette S. Zeller is an author, instructor and award-winning artist whose artwork and writings have been featured in internationally published periodicals. Her artwork has been displayed in both solo and group shows at local and nationally recognized exhibits.

Nanette’s creative talents were evident from a young age. Throughout her life she explored a variety of artistic expression including, writing, photography, painting, drawing, collage, and textile art. In 2005, she began combining her skills to create innovative mixed-media textile art (generically referred to as art quilts) where she found her artistic voice in nature-inspired themes.

Nanette’s inspirations come from a life-long journey of observing her natural surroundings. Her fascination with nature was evident at an early age and continued through college where she earned a Master’s degree in wildlife biology at North Carolina State University. With a keen eye and a ready camera, Nanette continues to be inspired by the wild environments around her.

Nanette’s artwork is meant to be beautiful, but also subtly address concerns for vanishing landscapes. Her art quilts are frequently inspired by her own personal encounters with the natural world.

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