Randy Chapman – Metal Sculptor

Randy Chapman

Randy Chapman has over 40 years of experience working with various steel parts in a metal fabrication company. However, it wasn’t until recently that he found a new way of working with metal.  After watching tons of metal scraps tossed aside, he decided to take these sad, lonely discards and turn them into happy scraps of welded art; anything your imagination fancies, Randy can create! They will capture your attention from the sincere to the whimsical.

    Randy’s creations are constructed from metal spikes, rods, slugs, and other pieces of steel designated for the dumpster or recycling. He makes trips to gather scrap metal from all over and then, based on what he’s found, starts creating! He welds the pieces together (sometimes bending, cutting, and twisting) to make the sculptures. Next, they are cleaned by grinding and brushing the residue and rust off. They are finished with a protective coating to safeguard them from the weather, so many of the pieces can be either indoor or outdoor.

    Randy loves to watch people smile and laugh at some of the whimsical characters while they try to figure out what scrap metal was used to create them.