Robin Storey – Potter


Fayetteville, North Carolina

Robin Storey returned to her love of art after a career that included a catering business, a retail store, non-profit organizations, and government service.  As an Army spouse, she traveled with her husband around the world.

In each locale, Robin and John collected art with a focus on ceramics.  Robin began her formal ceramics training while stationed at Fort Huachuca, Arizona (south of Tucson), in 2002 and continued as training was available.  After retiring and returning to the United States from Brussels Belgium, she continued her ceramics training with a new focus on Cone 10 clay bodies, fired in wood, salt, and reduction kilns.

Robin believes there is something wonderful about drinking a cup of hot coffee from a mug she has made.  She has a deep appreciation of North Carolina pottery and feels fortunate to have found a community of potters, with whom she has become good friends.