Sarah Cawn – Glass Artist

Raleigh, North Carolina

As a girl growing up, Sarah would often accompany her mother when she visited glass and gift shops and museums.  Those visits instilled in her a love of color and how sunlight plays on reflected surfaces, as well as the light spectrum created when it shines through glass.  Since then, she has been drawn to the beauty of the glass arts.

She started working with glass over 30 years ago, using the Tiffany stained glass technique.  She has created many custom window panels, lampshades, vases, boxes, and many other stained glass pieces of art.  Expanding her approaches, she now includes glass fusing techniques in her repertoire.  Glass fusing enables truly innovative use of colors, shapes, and designs.  Sarah’s creations captivate the power of light’s interaction with glass, showing the beauty of the color spectrum.  This quality has inspired her to explore the many unique aspects of glass and transform ordinary functional objects into unique and innovative art treasures.

You will see many of these unique and beautiful fused glass designs here in One of a Kind:  draped vases, drop vases, slumped plates, Japanese style platters, and bowls.  Sarah is available for custom orders.  Visit her at