Suzy Morgan – Painter

Southern Pines, North Carolina

Suzy’s introduction to the art world began when she was about eight.  Her uncle was a rather famous commercial artist in New York City.  While vacationing in his home – and being told by her aunt not go into his studio, she, of course, did.  And got caught.  But while in the studio, she saw some of his work and was mesmerized and in awe.  How could people do that with brushes and blobs of paint?  More importantly, she sensed she could do that and would do that, if only someone would allow her to do so.

The good news was that Uncle Gurney didn’t care if she was snooping.  He, in fact, sent a package to her, filled with all of the painting and drawing material she could possibly use.  During the years that followed, she worked with architects, engineers, advertisers, graphic artists, and printers, continuing to learn and grow – and strengthen her skills.

Suzy’s paintings are easily recognizable for their luminous quality, as light and energy seem to spring from her canvases.  We are now the ones who are in awe!